Student Affiliates

The AAUW Temecula Valley Branch Student Affiliates participate in a variety of activities.

Contact JoAnna Quejada with any questions or to become a member.




Elsa Vargas, past co-president with Connie French, and Cynthia Vargas, past AAUW Funds, for receiving their Masters of Science in Educational Counseling.

Anita Botello, past Student Affiliate president, for receiving her Masters from Sarah Lawrence in Women’s Studies.

Nataly Botello Phariss who is expecting a daughter in September.

Mariah Davis who was married on May 7th, to Ike Anyakora in Seattle.




Membership Changes

Good news for student affiliates: Because Mt. San Jacinto

College is an AAUW college partner, MSJC students may join the AAUW as an E-student affiliate for free. To be a part of the AAUW Temecula Branch there is a $10 fee to cover the cost of state dues.

What are these new levels of membership? 

Excerpted from the AAUW website:

E-student affiliation (free)

E-student affiliation is free for all undergraduate students attending an AAUW college/university partner member institution. Upon graduation, e-student affiliates receive a free, one-year membership to AAUW as a graduation gift

What do branch members do?

In addition to national opportunities offered to all AAUW members, branch members enjoy networking at the local level, serving in local and state leadership roles, sponsoring community action projects, and lobbying on AAUW priority issues. If you enjoy this level of activism and engagement, then branch membership is the right choice for you!

Why join the AAUW-Temecula Branch?

The AAUW-Temecula branch members has provided MSJC student affiliates with in-person mentorship and leadership since 2001. Through the AAUW Temecula branch, MSJC student affiliates participate in branch and community activities while building solid resumes for future educational and career opportunities.


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