Tech Trek

Tech-Trek-LogoBobbie Jessup, Tech Trek Coordinator

Tech Trek  is a math/science camp designed to develop interest, excitement and self-confidence in young women who will enter eighth grade in the fall. It features hands-on activities in math, science and related fields. All sleeping, eating, instructional and recreational facilities are located on a university campus where camps are held.  The girls from Temecula Valley attend camp at the University of California San Diego.  Every girl attending a Tech Trek Science Camp is on a full scholarship and is recommended for the program by her middle school science or math teacher.   Recommended girls are contacted, along with their parents, and asked to complete an application and to write a short essay on a chosen subject.  AAUW branch members then interview all prospective campers.  Each branch chooses the number of girls for whom they have scholarships available.

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Tech Trek Interviews

Bobbie Jessup, TV Tech Trek Coordinator

We are in the process of getting teacher nominations and giving out applications to the students.  The next phase is the interview and selection process which will happen in March.  Saturday, March 18th is the day set for the interviews. This year I am asking that the interviewers meet the day/night before (on the 17th) to review the applications and read the essays from the applicants so you can go into the interview with a sense of who you are interviewing. If you can give of your time for these interviews, please let me know. We have need of at least 10-12 people to carry out these interviews. Thank you for your help and support of the Tech Trek project.




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