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Submitted By: Bobbie Jessup, President


Our September meeting with the Tech Trek girls recapping their experiences at camp was awe inspiring. These young ladies were poised and presented a verbal and visual presentation of their camp experiences.  They spoke about their core subjects such as forensics and environmental science; college dorm living; special labs including dissecting a sheep heart and working with dry ice.  They each acknowledged the opportunity to meet other girls from different nationalities and that they each shared a same interest in the sciences. Many new friendships were formed. Each girl was thankful for the campership our branch and sponsors gave for this opportunity.

You, as members can continue this tradition of supporting girls to go to camp by making your own monetary donation (tax deductible) payable to AAUW.

This year Temecula Valley Branch celebrates its 25th anniversary. We have a special celebration planned—a dinner and theater gala.  Our catered dinner is at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater.  I am told that several dignitaries will be in attendance.  Following dinner we will see the presentation of the play, Annie.  More information is included in this newsletter.  Please come and help celebrate our branch’s anniversary.


I encourage you to participate in as many activities as you can.  We have a fun dine-out planned this month which is a way for you, family, and friends to go out for a meal and know that there is a monetary reward for the branch.  We have new interest groups forming based on members interests.  We are also now contributing to S.A.F.E. by helping the Girls Circle program.  Please say yes when asked to help with Tech Trek and scholarships.  Speakers at branch meetings for this year have a variety of interesting and worthwhile topics.  Review all the possibilities where you can get involved.  By being involved in the branch you can make new friendships (and traveling partners), keep up to date on important issues, and make a difference in many lives.



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As you already know, our Branch will be 25 years old in October.

We are planning a really lovely Gala for the afternoon/evening of October 28th. The Old Town community Theater is the setting for the dinner (4:30 PM) which is up the elevator to the Rehearsal Hall. We have invited special guests from the Temecula City Council, Riverside County Supervisors and a Senator bringing congratulations for all we have done for our community and beyond.

“Annie” the musical is based on the popular comic strip with “Papa Warbucks,” Annie, and her pretend-to-be parents. The Fine Arts Network Theater Company is putting on this production. We have the first row in the Parterre section reserved just for us.

Parking is challenging. We encourage you to park in the parking structure as early as 4:00 PM.

As you can see, responding TODAY (no later than October 14th) is important based on food, drink and seats in the theater. The meal is complimentary.  Please mail your RSVP ASAP with a check for $20 (made out to TV-AAUW)







Oh, where did the summer go??? Most of us are starting to settle down and recuperate from our vacations, so this is a great time to regroup and… Recruit New Members. Your Membership Chairs have announced our first new member for the 25 for 25 Challenge, celebrating the Temecula Valley Branch’s 25th Anniversary this year. Our goal is 25 new members by October 28, 2018 who are passionate about advancing equity for women and girls.

Where will they come from? From reaching out. And asking. Women you know. Women you meet.

Try a little elevator speech… “I’m having lunch at a winery next week with my ladies club.” “What ladies club?” “American Association of University Women. We send public school girls entering 8th grade to math and science camp. And we give scholarships to women going on to 4-year schools from community college, and women reentering higher education. And we have a lot of fun too. Would you like to meet me at the lunch bunch? It’s a nice group of gals.”

Let them ask you about our group. Try it out. Make it your own. The more often you make the effort the easier it will be. Let’s get working. We’re just 24 members away from meeting our challenge.


Special Interest Groups

Submitted by: Mary Fran McCluskey




Book Club meets the 2nd Mondays at Pauba Library, Temecula from 1:00-3:00pm. Library is closed Monday October 9th for Indigenous Peoples’ Day holiday.

Info: Jo-Ann Doran 951-302-5315



Culture Lovers meets about once a month for a play, concert, museum visit, dance performance, etc. Saturday October 28 is the musical “Annie” at 7:00pm following our 25th Anniversary Gala, special $20 ticket price (must be purchased in advance), Old Town Temecula Community Theatre, 42051 Main St, Temecula.

Info: Mary Fran McCluskey 951-245-1544 



Lunch Bunch meets 2nd Thursdays at 11:30am. October 12th is at Rosa’s Cantina, 28636 Front St, Old Town Temecula.

Info: Mary Fran McCluskey 951-245-1544



Fans of the Opera meets according to the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD schedule with occasional trips for live opera performances. Saturday, October 7, 9:55am is “Norma” by Vincenzo Bellini at the Edwards Cinema, Temecula. $26/$24 Seniors.

Info: Bonnie Rizzuto 951-693-4591 / Barbara Wolcott 408-483-3823 



Midday Movies meets last Saturdays of the month around noonish. Movie is followed by optional discussion at nearby eatery. Movie selection/location/time TBA each month by email. Due to the AAUW-TV Gala on Saturday the 28th, October Midday Movies will meet on the third Saturday, October 21st.

Info: Mary Fran McCluskey 951-245-1544


Get “interested” and get to know your AAUW friends better. As always, “drop-ins” are welcome… and bring a friend to meet us! Interest groups are a fun way to introduce prospective members to AAUW-TV. Contact group leaders to join email lists.

Ladies, ALWAYS RSVP FOR EVENTS! We won’t be able to notify you of changes if you don’t and it’s no fun if you show up and an event has been cancelled or the date/time moved around.



Ladies, to those of you who participated in the recent email

survey, thank you. Hopefully you and all our members will be interested in the results. 47% of those invited to participate responded. A big 82% of those responding said that they would like to be in Interest Groups.

#1 of the Interest Groups by far was the Thursday Lunch Bunch with 53% of those responding considering themselves to be members. In addition others responded that they’d like to do lunch on another day.

Tied for 2nd place, with 47% of those responding, were Culture Club and… Fans of the Opera! WOW! Next up was the Saturday Movie Group with 35% of those responding wishing to be included. Others would like to do movies on another day.

So, not surprisingly, aside from eating lunch together, our branch is very interested in the arts.

Next up were Travel Talk, Trips and Card Games for 29% each. Book Club, Creative Arts & Crafts, Gourmet or Potluck, Board Games and History/Genealogy each garnered 18% from those responding. Other groups suggested in the survey didn’t garner enough votes this time around to be considered for new Interest Groups.

Biggest surprise? Opera! Who knew? We’ll have more info soon on setting up a Games group based on your responses. Travel Talk sounds like a great place to share pictures and stories about your summer vacation with people who would really like to hear about it. And Trips? Well,

Fans of the Opera is having a trip to Escondido in November. How’s that for a start?

Several members commented that they would like to have a government policy/women-and-girls equity-type group.

For any of you who have not participated in the survey, it will remain open so you and new members who come on board will be able to give input about Interest Groups and involvement in the Branch. If any of you would like to have the survey sent to you, please call me (Mary Fran) at 951-245-1544. We’ll give you a head’s up when new Interest Groups are forming that pique your enthusiasm.

Next month we’ll take a look at how members responded about their wish to participate in the activities of the Branch. Rest assured, if you volunteered to do something we WILL be calling on you. Thank you!

If you have requested to be put on email lists for Interest Groups that are already active, you will be begin to receive group invitations immediately. Members may join a group at any time. And any member can start an Interest Group. More friendships, more fun, more support for women and girls through AAUW.





Please join me in welcoming a new member, Laurel

Rudd. Laurel recently moved to this area with her grown daughter. Laurel is new to AAUW. As a teacher of English as Second Language, Laurel devoted 30+ years to education, and is now retired. I’ve mentioned how many teachers we have as members, and sent her our list of

upcoming events. A general email will be sent to members with Laurel’s address and reach numbers. Please pencil these in the new Yearbook, since Laurel joined after its printing.

Barbara Tooker’s new address and reach numbers will also be included in the general members’ email.  Barbara’s membership renewal was delayed because of her recent move to San Marcos, so please note her changed info in the blank pages at the back of the new Yearbook.

For anyone who has not already picked up a copy of the new 2017-2018 Yearbook, which includes an updated

Directory and  Outline of Programs and Events, I will bring copies to meetings and events through November. After that I will mail (USPS) any unclaimed copies. You’re welcome to pick up copies for friends as well. Just check off the names on the roster for any copies you take, so I can keep track of who has one before I mail the remainders.


Emails from TV-AAUW

I’d like to say a word about emails from our branch to its members. Please be aware that we send Jacquie  Lawson ecards to members on their birthdays and when events occur that require a little sunshine from us to you. These cards are animated, musical, and personalized. However, many of these cards are never opened by their intended recipients, possibly because you don’t recognize the sender, or because  your system filters them out as spam before you ever receive them. Please check your filter settings to ensure you receive these cards, if you want them. I know everyone receives enormous amounts of email daily, much of it unsolicited. We don’t want you to miss our missives, but if you’d rather not receive ecards from us, just let me know

The situation is different for monthly newsletters and general members’ emails. These are sent to keep you current with important changes and with what’s going on in our branch. Here are the people currently authorized to send you member information of any kind. Please make sure your filters do not trash them as spam, and that you can recognize them in that daily quick scan we all do: Kathy Widelski sends email under the name Daniel
Widelski; Kathy Weiss sends under her own name or that of Barry Weiss.


SAFE Alternatives for Everyone

Submitted By: Connie French

SAFE (Safe Alternatives for Everyone) is our local philanthropy and we are again supporting Girls Circle by donating $10.00 gift cards to be awarded upon completion of each 8 week curriculum.  Girls Circle is for at risk middle school girls who find support and education on self-esteem, body image, relationships, and more.  At the end of the course, the girls enjoy receiving a gift card as a token of their success in completing their commitment.

If you would like to support our branch’s philanthropy, you may donate 1 or more gift cards to In-and-Out Burger, MacDonald’s, Taco Bell (or other fast food places) Claire’s, Icing, Starbucks, or Target.  We will give the gift cards at the beginning of December.  Please give the cards to Connie French.  For more information, call Connie at 676-3732.

You can also support SAFE by donating and/or shopping at Alli’s Resale Shop on Jefferson. Safe is committed to providing services for children, youth, and families who have experienced or are at risk of abuse and violence.




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