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President’s Corner

Submitted By: Susan Alpern


This is my last article as your president, so I wish to thank you for the opportunity to serve in that capacity for the last 3 years.  It has been an honor and a privilege to lead such a distinguished group.  I feel very good about our current status.  Bobbie Jessup is taking over as president, and I can’t think of anyone more capable to lead our branch.  This is her 3rd term as president, so she certainly knows what she is getting into!  She has an excellent board to work with, and I found that to be the secret ofsuccess.  I wish them all a productive term of service.

Our installation brunch was lovely, with Jan Clark-George providing a creative way of welcoming the new board.  The outgoing board was thanked individually, and $1000 scholarships were awarded to Hope Graham and Michelle Krehbiel.  Both are outstanding students and both plan to attend UC Irvine.  Hope wants to specialize in business administration and law, and eventually become a corporate attorney, while Michelle plans to study psychology with an emphasis on health, and eventually wants to gain a PhD and teach at the college level.  We wish them well in their endeavors.

For those who have not voted yet, there is still time.  Online voting ends on June 15th at 6 PM Pacific Time.  It is very important that you vote, since, as I’ve stated previously, there are changes to the by-laws being proposed that would eliminate the college requirement for membership.  This is a matter of our identity as a group, so I recommend you go online and read the proposals and candidate qualifications, and then VOTE!

Finally, I promise to stay active and engaged in our branch. I hope you will also by volunteering for committees, or at least attending our events.  The board and committee members work hard to plan programs and events, and good attendance is their reward.







Public Policy


Submitted by: Laurel Groshong

After weeks of uncertainty, the House of Representatives narrowly passed (217-213) the American Health Care Act (AHCA). The bill faces opposition from many organizations, including AAUW, as well as doctors and insurers, who are concerned over its negative reversal of protections for people with pre-existing conditions.  States could change their requirements for covering Essential Health Benefits, taking consumers back to a time when women would be charged more than men for the coverage they need.  The AHCA’s repeal of Medicaid expansion and the ending of federal subsidies for insurance purchased on the Affordable Care Act marketplaces will result in our nation’s most vulnerable facing new barriers to obtaining health care and likely leave more individuals uninsured.  The bill also defunds Planned Parenthood.  Protections for pre-existing conditions were gutted, as well as some maternity care protections.  An “age tax” on seniors was included—seniors will pay up to 5 times more than younger customers.

Now, health care repeal moves on to the Senate, its last line of defense.  24 million people stand to lose health insurance if AHCA passes and many Americans could be forced into bankruptcy in order to get the medical care they need. AAUW opposes the House-passed version of the AHCA because it would weaken women’s access to affordable, quality health coverage and put the health, well-being and economic security of millions of families in jeopardy.

This Public Policy article was submitted for publication prior to the AHCA’s heading to the Senate. Hopefully, the Senate will oppose the AHCA and any steps to gut or appeal the prior Affordable Care Act—(Obamacare).  AAUW believes that everyone deserves high-quality affordable and accessible healthcare and won’t stand idly by while Congress removes these protections.

Unfortunately, the Congressional Representatives in our area, Ken Calvert (R-42), Duncan Hunter (R-50), and Darrel Issa (R-49), have traditionally disregarded AAUW’s positions.  Make yourself heard!



Special Interest Groups

Submitted by: Mary Fran McCluskey


Summer BIG Plans… Lunch Bunch will continue to meet because — We’ve gotta eat! Join us this summer.

Contact Kathy Widelski for summer hiking plans.

If there is “interest,” Movies and Culture Lovers will meet also. Don’t be surprised if you receive a “flash mob” invitation to a Games Group before the branch reconvenes in fall. And please watch for an Interest Group Survey  going out to the entire membership in August. No suggestions are out of bounds so make your wishes known.

New Interest Groups will be forming in September based on your replies. Get “interested” and get to know your AAUW friends better. As always, “drop-ins” are welcome… and bring a friend to meet us. Interest groups are a fun way to introduce prospective members to AAUW-TV.

Always RSVP to group leaders to verify dates and times.



Info: Jo-Ann Doran 

Book Club meets 2nd Mondays at Pauba Library, Temecula from 1-3. June 12 is any book about Paris.



Info: Mary Fran McCluskey 


Culture Lovers meets about once a month for a play, concert, museum visit, dance performance, etc. Thursday June 15 is Shakespeare in the Vines “A Winter’s Tale” at 7:30pm, Baily Vineyard & Winery. This popular outdoor venue offers a picnic area with a lovely wine bar to enjoy prior to the performance. We will be pot-luck picnicking that evening at 6:15pm.

Members will decide whether to meet during the summer. 


HIKING (new)

Info: Kathy Widelski 

Hikers meet weekly Wednesdays at 9am. New Members Wanted.



Info: Mary Fran McCluskey

Lunch Bunch meets 2nd Thursdays at 11:30. June 8th at The Mill, 24690 Washington Ave, Old Town Murrieta.



Info: Mary Fran McCluskey

Midday Movies meets last Saturday of the month noonish. May 27th   movie TBA, possibly The Circle or Paris Can Wait or Snatched. Movie followed by optional discussion at nearby eatery. Movie selection/location/time will be confirmed to those on the movie email list shortly before the 27th.  June 25th we will meet again, then group will decide whether to meet during the summer.



Info: Bonnie Rizzuto

Opera group meets according to the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD schedule Opera is dark for the summer and will start up again in October.



Submitted by: Kathy Weiss 

Membership Renewals

Checks for membership renewal must be received by June 30 to make the July 1 deadline for Fiscal Year 2017-2018. If no personal information has changed, all I need is your check made out for $85 to TV-AAUW with renewal on the memo line. There is an application/renewal form in this newsletter that you can use if any of your personal information has changed since last year. I only need your name and the information that has changed. This information will be used to update the Membership Directory that comes out in September. Please send your check and changes, if any,  to me at my home address (see Directory, email me, or call for address). Renewal checks and changes will be accepted after the June 30 fiscal-year deadline, but they will not be entered at the beginning of the next fiscal year. The same is true for new member applications.


Mentoring Program and Guidelines

Cynthia Escartin, Co-VP for membership, has put together guidelines for a mentoring program which we, as a branch, would like to implement for prospective and new members. It’s easy for prospects and new members to feel lost or disconnected from the branch when they consider joining or do join, but  don’t know anyone in the organization. We’d like to offer some support provided by current members to alleviate this problem, and to help increase new member commitment and retention. Our guidelines are simple and not time-consuming either for current members acting as mentors or for  prospects and new members. Please consider volunteering as a mentor. It can be as easy as reminding someone about upcoming events  you’ll be attending yourself,  and introducing them to other members at the event itself, or making sure they are included in conversations at events. If you’re interested, please let Cynthia or me know. Cynthia can email you the guidelines, which you can then apply as needed and customize as you see fit.


Tech Trek

Submitted By: Kathy Weiss




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